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Own your power! Harvest the Sun’s energy to power your home. Monitor your production and your usage. Your future Smart Home starts with the SolarCrew. Find out about SolarCrew's Simple Solar Solutions.

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Your Solar Savings

Save money and save the planet. Free yourself from unpredictable utility energy prices and power disruptions while lowering your carbon footprint. Solar is the solution to generating clean energy to power the future. Learn more.

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Join the growing number of Canadians who have switched to solar.

When installing a solar system on our house, our goal was to protect ourselves from rising energy costs and ever-increasing home expense. A one-time investment in a solar system allowed us to offset all our annual electricity expenses for the next 30 years. Why are we providing for our homes? Our homes should provide for us!

-Woodstock, Ontario


SolarCrew is a network of experienced professionals working toward the common goal of creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable power source in Canada by harvesting the power of the sun through simple solar solutions for Canadian homeowners.