Solar Power Offers Real Solutions

Control Your Own Power

Say goodbye to power outages, interruptions and brownouts. When you produce your own electricity from solar energy, you can store that energy for future use. You'll no longer be at the mercy of an aging hydro infrastructure that, at times, is incapable of keeping up with today's energy demands.

Lower Energy Cost

Hydro rates are expected to increase for homeowners in the next five years. There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy. Create your own reliable source of clean energy for the future. Contact the SolarCrew for programs offered by your local hydro company Contact us for your free consultation.

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Monitoring Your Energy and Smart Home

This application lets you see just how much energy your solar system is producing and much more. Track how much money you save and the environmental benefits you generate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This forward-looking aspect of your system opens up future options for Smart Home Solutions like controlling and minimizing the energy and usage of your appliances, checking the charge level in your energy storage or in your electric vehicle Life feed of a Solar Roof.


Clean Power Generation

Reduce your carbon footprint when you Harvest the Sun to generate clean energy. You'll be doing your part to reduce air and water pollution and greenhouse gases created in traditional hydro plants. Solar is clean, quiet, easy and free as long as the sun shines. Going solar is the single biggest personal change you can make right now to fight global warming. Learn more about simple solar solutions.